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Library Privatization

UPDATE (4/2/18): Several strategic planning meetings that were open to the public were held in March. You can still give your input online by clicking here.
UPDATE (3/12/18): Courtesy of Escondido Indivisible:

Library Lawsuit.  The city continues to fight very hard to try to keep the legal challenge from being heard by a judge. The City filed another Demurrer (“objection”) and set a hearing on that motion for April 6.  It may be months before the County hears the actual merits of the case.

City Council extends the lease on former East Valley Branch library building for another 16 years.  With very short-notice and an attempt to vote on this under the Consent Calendar, the city voted to extend the lease on the old Branch Library building for another 16 years until 2045!  Thankfully, Paul ‘Mac’ McNamara (President of Palomar Governing Board and candidate for Escondido Mayor) pulled the item from consent and registered his objections to this rush job and to entering into a contract that benefits the business—not the city. He also got the City Manager to admit the city has no plans to restore library services to east Escondido.  The background is here: You can read an account of this meeting here:

 Library Petition Continues.  We are continuing to collect hundreds of signatures on our new library petitions. Many of you have already signed it.  Thank you.  The petition reads: 

We, the undersigned, are calling for the creation of an independent library district that would remove all control of the library from the Mayor and City Council. Further, we will oppose any library bond until management of our library is returned to public control and a plan is in place to re-open an East Valley branch library.

Please continue to get neighbors and friends to sign it.  Just click here!

Please come walk with us!  We are walking neighborhoods to let people know what they can do to save our library.  We walk in teams and have a lot of fun!  Email us for more information:

March 13, 9:30 AM Strategic Planning for the Library under LS&S control.  With very short notice, the city is holding a strategic planning meeting, in the morning, on a work day.  We encourage anyone who can attend to please do so. 


    1. Ask them to hold another meeting during a time working people could attend.
    2. Ask them to develop a strategic plan to re-open the East Valley Branch library before the end of 2018.
    3. Ask them for a robust level of programming for Spanish-speaking residents, kids, and families.
    4. Ask for programs and resources to help people find jobs and to prepare for them.
    5. Ask for a plan to create an independent library district to ensure the library is controlled by the public, for the public.
    6. Other programs you wish to see added or protected.

Also, check this out, the city of Santa Clarita voted unanimously to take back their library from LS&S.

See the Escondido Indivisible website for more information.

 What You Can Do
  1. CONTACT LS&S and ask them to withdraw their proposal and step away from our library. 
    President Paul Colangelo at 800-638-8725
    Ed Garnett, Vice President, Business Development,
    2600 Tower Oaks Blvd., Rockville, MD 20852, Office: 301.540.5100 Cell: 410.598.2921
  2. E-mail or call city council to voice your concerns.
    Go here City Council to email all council members at once. If you are a resident of one of the council member's districts, however, it might be more effective to mail them directly.
    Council members to thank:

    Councilmembers who still need to do the right thing, and be reminded we will be considering their position come election day 2018:
  3. Write a letter to the editor of the San Diego Union Tribune. 150 words or less and send to include your name and city of residence.
  4. Sign the 


Download Action Alert  and  Save Library Petition 

News articles: Huffington Post, Union Tribune, Times AdvocateSan Diego Union Tribune

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 American Library Association publication on questions communities should ask when considering privatization of libraries: Keeping Public Libraries Public: A Checklist for Communities Considering Privatization of Public Libraries

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