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Escondido has been characterized as the eleventh most conservative city in the U.S. We have elected only one progressive candidate to the Escondido City Council, Olga Diaz. All of the critical decisions affecting Escondido residents are made by the regressive, pro-developer city council majority. Their decisions have resulted in costly litigation, loss of the city’s reputation, closure of a library serving lower income families, and development plans that have cost and will continue to cost ordinary citizens thousands of dollars in increased fees, loss of open spaces and degradation of the quality of life. We think that an aggressive fundraising plan will assist us in electing progressive candidates and advocating for propositions and issues that benefit the residents of Escondido. We ask that you become part of our progressive agenda by joining us and giving as much as you can afford. We will use your dollars to champion fair, transparent and balanced government for Escondido. Please donate now! 

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