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Another private facility proposed for Kit Carson Park

photo of BMX bikes

BMX bikes at the developer’s Kearny Mesa location.

Here we go again. A developer has proposed leasing two acres of Kit Carson Park for a BMX bicycle track. The proposal calls for the city to pay to build the track with the operator then making lease payments. The Council member for that area, Mike Morasco, says he supports the idea, but local residents are opposed. It was just last spring that a proposed water park created a similar outcry.

November 13 UPDATE: The Community Services Commission heard testimony from dozens of speakers and voted to table the proposal until a future meeting. The Commission’s next regular meeting is January 23. The meeting will be scheduled earlier if  a time and location can be arranged. The comments were approximately two-to-one in favor of the proposal, but most of those speaking in support were not Escondido residents. By the end of the comments, the general consensus was that a BMX facility would be a good idea for Escondido. The only question is what would be the most appropriate location. (Get more detail in a separate post.)

Read the proposal. (Caution, large PDF. Look for Agenda item #2 under “New Business.”)

Read coverage in U-T San Diego.

Read a letter from Friends of Kit Carson Park after the jump.

Dear Friends of Kit Carson Park (FOKCP),                               Nov. 1, 2013

It has been brought to the FOKCP’s attention that there will be a proposal from USA BMX to build a BMX racing track in Kit Carson Park presented to the Escondido Community Services Committee on Nov. 13, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.  The proposed tracks would be built on more than one acre of park land.  This proposal was not solicited by the City of Escondido, and USA BMX is also considering one other potential location besides Kit Carson Park.   USA BMX must first meet with the Escondido Community Services Committee to get their recommendation before proceeding to the Escondido City Council. Because of this there is not that much public information known as of yet.

USA BMX presently owns two other racing tracks in San Diego County, one in Lakeside and one in Kearny Mesa. (We are attaching a link here so you can see what these tracks look like.)

USA BMX has submitted a 5 page proposal which does not mention any particular location of the track in the park.  The proposal is general and may require that a donation of park land be a part of the proposal, we are not certain.  A full proposal and business plan should be available before the meeting.

What we Do Know is that bringing a track such as this to Kit Carson Park will:

1.)  Destroy much of the natural beauty of the park.

2.)   Allow a For Profit business to take over the use of a large portion of Public Park Land.  The public would not be able to use these facilities unless they Pay.

3.)  The other BMX locations charge $7-10 per training session and up to $375 for private parties at the track

4.)  The other facilities have snack shacks and are open as late as 7:00 at night.

FOKCP urge you to attend this meeting so that you can hear and understand the proposal for yourself. Please pass this letter on to all of your friends, family and contacts.


The Friends of Kit Carson Park Board

4 comments to Another private facility proposed for Kit Carson Park

  • Vi Mooberry

    The 4 reasons listed above are reasons enough not to go forward with the proposal. We have a beautiful, peaceful place dedicated to the use of many different people and activities. Let’s not open the gate to For Profit ventures any more than we already have! Once land is given, it’s gone!

  • Eleni Tignor

    Public land is for use by all without monetary payment. For profit enterprises can not expect that the people’s tax dollars will build their sites for them…and never on public park land.

  • Aaron Johnson

    As to reason no.1 – you call the plot behind the soccer stadiums beautiful; I call it a weed invested eyesore that keeps the gnats around.
    As for reason no.2 – don’t the kids pay to play baseball, soccer and hockey to their respective “leagues”? Don’t the kids pay for a membership and each time they get dropped off at the skate park?
    As to reason no.3 – how would you propose the lease get paid? BTW – what revenue is the eyesore mentioned in point no 1 brining in each month today? How much does it cost to maintain that land? The maintenance of the track will be conducted by the track crew – not Escondido. And as far as I’m concerned the cheers and laughter of families is way more precious to me than a view of a bunch of dirt and weeds.
    As to reason no.4 – I have driven by as late as 10pm on a week night and seen adults drinking beer and smoking weed in the parking lot by the softball fields. Can pretty much guarantee that won’t be happening at the BMX track. Reason no.4 is just plain asinine in my opinion. Obviously the individual who wrote it doesn’t frequent the park. Don’t the baseball and softball fields have snack shacks?

  • Bob

    After finding out about this I have been searching for what happened to the building they “moved” for the skate park. Growing up, down the street I remember the historical buildings foundation and chimney they had fenced off and promised to memorialize. Now it’s looking to me like it was destroyed because the effort to clear away trees or move it properly was too costly.
    The sad part is I can find no mention of it at all. It’s starting to look like we lost part of our history.
    Dose anyone else remember this site or where there is information on it? I was younger and don’t remember reading a sign. I do remember being walked by it for field trips when I went to L.R. Green middle school.
    The city boasts improving the park because it adds attractions to it. What they are really doing tho is not improving which would be adding trees grass etc. they are just changing it from a normal park into a money making sports park.
    There has been no real improvement made from the money made by the skate park. Some new walk ways and a sculpture garden hidden behind the park, most people don’t know about.
    Truly bad decisions made about this park have been left up to city and I hope the voters are not swayed again into the destruction of a historical park duped by words of improvement and revenue.

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