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Democratic party links

Democratic Party – National:
Democratic Party – State:
Organizing for Action:
San Diego County Democratic Party (SDCDP) –
– How Democrats endorse – Guideline for endorsing political candidates by Chair of SDCDP
SDCDP Facebook Page:

Elected official links

Escondido City Council Members:
Contact the President:
Contact Senator Boxer:
Contact Senator Feinstein: 
Contact Governor Brown:

UTSandiego – Letters to the Editor

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Escondido Alliance
A Blue View for Escondido
Daily Kos
Real Clear Politics
Huffington Post

Register to vote

Why vote
Voting is the a right that many in the world have died to obtain and it is given to us freely. To have a voice in your local, state    and national elections, you must register to cast your vote. Your voice does count, but only if you participate in the electoral process.

Register online:
You can register online with the California Secretary of State easily or request a voter registration card next time you come to a meeting.

Have you moved or changed information?
If you have moved or changed any information that was previously on your voter affidavit, then you need to file a new form. You can also sign up to be a Permanent Vote by Mail voter by filling out either the online form or the paper form.

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